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This is amazing! It ticked every single box in its first few seconds, I love the attention to detail. This was a very pleasant surprise.


I saw the video first and read the description later. So regarding the paragraph about the story, I believe you did everything just right. The animation is simplistic but lovable, the music fits perfectly and the lack of more background story for the characters doesn't bother me at all - it's perfect this way, seriously.
It's a short video, yes, but filled with emotion and delivers a strong message. I loved it because you can relate to it easily if you have, or have had, someone dear to you (a friend, a girl/guy, a family member...). It's my opinion that you did a great job all around.

So ,yeah, it's pretty much perfect. Keep up the good work.


Although I expected a bit better humor I find the entire package pretty good. The animation is great but you could try and improve the characters mouths/lips because they don't really give the impression of speech. The character contrast is pretty classic, its very lovable and it also gives you a lot to work with so I've already set my meter very high for this show and I really hope it delivers. Since this is a pilot I expect that everything will get better over time, work with the humor for a bit and tweak the animation (first of all lips) and this might be great.
To conclude, nice and entertaining 6 minutes, 4.5 stars.

NewEdenseries responds:

Thanks for your review, appreciate the honest feedback. The lip sync is one of those trade-off's we'd had to make at the moment to speed up the animation process but we'll look at it moving forward.

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It's rare these days that a game on Newgrounds gets me so hooked so very fast.

Gotta say, I was suspicious when starting a new game and seeing a relatively low-fi graphic greeting me and introducing the basic mechanics of the game. The rest of the game looks and plays incredible. I was completely lost my first time around, thrown into an arena to figure out the mechanics. Fifteen minutes in, I had a good grasp on the challenge, restarted and finished the game. I loved every minute of it.
The only couple of things that felt a bit off to me were terrain and difficulty. The units wlaked freely over houses, and steep terrain didn't seem to make a difference. Moreover, on Normal mode, after restarting my first run, it seemed to easy sometimes, Dragon Fire feeling a bit too op, especially once it's upgraded.

However, this game is a gem in Newgrounds' library, and I had a really good time beating it. Wish you all the best with you Steam release!

Rarykos responds:

Haha thank you very much for playing! Glad you liked it. You mentioned a couple important points I've missed in the design. Thank you!

Jolly good show!

I hope you expand on the concept in the future, I love the premise!

The overall direction is great, lovely pixel-art, great music, simple enough to get into yet complex enough to get hooked.

However, I found it hard to understand pawn states and when they were turned in a way I can capture them. Hence it was really hard to achieve a victory that didn't feel random.

I believe you've got a great idea, it just needs a bit more refinement to really kick ass.

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Damn, I feel inspired. Since "Late now" I come to check out your channel every now and then and I'm always amazed. Thank you (again) for making awesome music.
That's it. There's no point in telling you how amazing your songs are, everyone knows that.

Lundsfryd responds:

Well thanks man. Hopefully we will be able to put up some new tracks soon :)

Everything is already said.

This is so great. Reminds me of something very dear to me, so thanks for it. There's not to much left to say so I'm just going to quote some people. roadrunnerone: "The song has great balance of instruments and lyrics,they "fit" and keeps your attention.". Keilen13: "The instruments and lyrics are just hypnotisant!Awesome!".

Lundsfryd responds:

Haha.. Im starting to sound like a rerun myself, but thanks very much dude :)

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Looks very good! Keep it up!

This looks great!
What tools did you use to make it?

Moonshen responds:

Thanks! I used photohsop :)


I saw her eyes before opening this one and said to myself:"This looks like Lili..." I just finished playing the game again. You, sir just made my day with this excellent picture.

Good to be back :)

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