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Looks very good! Keep it up!

This looks great!
What tools did you use to make it?

Moonshen responds:

Thanks! I used photohsop :)


I saw her eyes before opening this one and said to myself:"This looks like Lili..." I just finished playing the game again. You, sir just made my day with this excellent picture.

I hate it!

But not your art. I hate people who are used to art they see all around the internet and find it perfect, and this kind of art, with a bit different style they don't appreciate. I only don't like the dragon, it looks kinda flat, but your style is very nice, so 4 and 8.

This is going to be voted as useles

But the picture is just great. Nothing more to say.

Da li je to zbog tableta ili zbog tebe?

Ipak je stil u pitanju, i talent. Obožavam jednostavnost. Al evo i za gamad koja ne konta o Äem ja.
Is it the tablet or is it just? Youre great. Best friends! America, good... (neÄte ni uoÄiti razliku)

Peglay responds:

Nije zbog tableta jer ga nemam :'(
Sve je napravljeno misem.

Oh my god!

I love your style! This is so perfect. The simplicity... Ok... It sounds like I'm masturbating. I even might... xD Kidding (or not xD) But seriously, this is so cool, I like the background color, the simplicity... Everything? Why don't you upload ËbiggerË pictures (I mean the resolution and stuff...)? And why isn't there a grading system? I mean I'm dying to give a 5, seriously! Anyway, here's a 10. :)

This might sound stupid coming from a bad artist..

But I'll say it. I like your stuff, and it's great as always. But here are some mistakes you made (hope that this will help you, because I'm not trying to be a little bitch): the strings don't go all the way to the end of the guitar, the neck of the guitar is and the head look a bit flat, the fingers that are pressing the frets should be pointing out with their joints because they look like they're totally bent, like they are not pressing strings with their tips. I do understand that you didn't go with the realistic look of the guitar, but because I'm a guitarist this kinda caught my eye... But, like I said, all of the stuff above doesn't have any impact on the greatness of the picture, so here's a nine.

Impkid responds:

I Knew!!! that someone would make that kind of critics, it's cool, i will keep that in mind.


Why haven't you finished it? I mean the body... actually shoulders? Anyway, I like it. I'm not a good artist, but I think that you should stick to fine art, this looks very good.

wow, she looks evil, I'd say it's the wings xD

I don't know is that on purpose or just like that, but the eyes are a bit strange, but everything else is kickass, certainly is going in my favorites.

Thulcandra responds:


Good to be back :)

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