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This is amazing! It ticked every single box in its first few seconds, I love the attention to detail. This was a very pleasant surprise.


I saw the video first and read the description later. So regarding the paragraph about the story, I believe you did everything just right. The animation is simplistic but lovable, the music fits perfectly and the lack of more background story for the characters doesn't bother me at all - it's perfect this way, seriously.
It's a short video, yes, but filled with emotion and delivers a strong message. I loved it because you can relate to it easily if you have, or have had, someone dear to you (a friend, a girl/guy, a family member...). It's my opinion that you did a great job all around.

So ,yeah, it's pretty much perfect. Keep up the good work.


Although I expected a bit better humor I find the entire package pretty good. The animation is great but you could try and improve the characters mouths/lips because they don't really give the impression of speech. The character contrast is pretty classic, its very lovable and it also gives you a lot to work with so I've already set my meter very high for this show and I really hope it delivers. Since this is a pilot I expect that everything will get better over time, work with the humor for a bit and tweak the animation (first of all lips) and this might be great.
To conclude, nice and entertaining 6 minutes, 4.5 stars.

NewEdenseries responds:

Thanks for your review, appreciate the honest feedback. The lip sync is one of those trade-off's we'd had to make at the moment to speed up the animation process but we'll look at it moving forward.

This isn't bad, but I don't get why this had to be made. Videos like this one usually have something different about them, something that stands out from the original concept. You just made a live action level of a NES game. Like I said, it's not bad, it's just very boring. 2,5.


I kinda think that no one checked your profile before writing that you can become a good animator... Anyways, good one. I don't know why, but a lot of people, including me, think that they will automatically become good at something just because they bought a tablet, a skate, a guitar etc.
10/10; 5/5.

How is this better?

Songs aren't better just because you swear. This is pretty lame and by far worse than the original song. I can see what you tryied, but it isn't working on me. 3.

Yeah, that's Salad Fingers!

Excellent job. To be honest, I totally forgot about Salad Fingers, and when I saw it today, by accident, it made my day.

My god!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one doing that. Thank you for letting me know that. And yeah, good animation as always, humor too... Everything needs to be perfect! It is.


This is very interesting. I like it's simplicity (the dinosaur was epic!) and music - it goes very well together. The irony in the end is very good, and true. I would like to write a huge review, but it's not possible because of the simplicity. Anyway, ignore everyone who says it's not good and it's boring. Not true. You just have to know something about "real" evolution. Good job, but don't show this to children, they're easily misguided...

And where's MechaStreisand to help out?

I was kinda hoping that Godzilla would win... But never mind. This is one piece of a smooth animation. And it is also very entertaining, the music fits just fine, and there's not much left to say, except that it's a ten.

Good to be back :)

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