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Got a few extra bucks?

2013-08-20 15:17:17 by oOwunderbraOo

How 'bout this?

Hail to the king baby!

2011-06-11 22:58:11 by oOwunderbraOo

Ok, probably no one will read this, but just for the record, Duke Nukem Forever is somewhere between good and great by my standards. I see alot of people complaining about graphics and gameplay mechanics and I understand them, I do, but this game was obviously made for the people who waited for it so long and it's oldschool in a good way... Well, at least for older gamers. If you're bothered by the graphics so much play Duke Nukem 3D and then DNF, you'll see the difference. Anyway, a nice, nice game.


2011-04-22 12:21:17 by oOwunderbraOo

It's so great! Nothing more to add.

I started using animation programs... Although I pretty much suck, but all beginnings are hard. Wish me luck :D. And also I'm starting out as a back vocal in a regae/hip-hop band, I guess they needed someone to scream like an idiot. xD


2010-12-30 07:17:16 by oOwunderbraOo

You've got me on my knees!...


2010-11-28 15:55:37 by oOwunderbraOo

I just got Deathspank, and its epic! The humor, the graphics... great!


2010-11-12 16:49:07 by oOwunderbraOo

What should I think about women? Except: Boobs... O.o?


2010-10-22 03:42:55 by oOwunderbraOo



2010-09-26 09:39:29 by oOwunderbraOo

Njegov je dan - udaran! A njegov san - hiljadu tona za jedan dan!

You are

2010-09-19 05:12:57 by oOwunderbraOo

You are...